Shish Barak ‘Meat dumplings in a Garlic & coriander sauce’

Dumplings 1 packet puff pastry + a small ring or cup to cut out circle disks. 800 grams lamb mince 2 onions finely diced 2 Tsp Arab 7 spice 2 Tsp salt Yoghurt Sauce 2 Ltrs goat yoghurt bottle 1 cup cold water with 1 heap Tbsp cornflour dissolved. 1 bunch coriander chopped finely 1… Continue reading Shish Barak ‘Meat dumplings in a Garlic & coriander sauce’

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Chocolate & coconut ripple cake!

The infamous Ripple cake recipe which can be found at the back of a Arnotts ripple biscuit packet😂 With ofcourse a few of my own additions! Ingredients: – x2 packets chocolate ripple biscuit packets – x1 600ml thickened cream – caster sugar -vanilla essence – dessicated coconut -mixed berries (optional) -cocoa powder or shaved chocolate… Continue reading Chocolate & coconut ripple cake!

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Coconut & chocolate bites

Do you ever feel like satisfying your sweet tooth but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen baking…? Well I have an incredibly DELICIOUS dessert that’s simply is done in less than 30mins.  Keep reading to find out how!  Ingredients: -2 cans Nestlè condensed milk -dessicated coconut -milk chocolate (melts or block) Method: Step… Continue reading Coconut & chocolate bites

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Gaytime cups

🍨Gaytime Cups🍨 Ingredients; ➳ 1 packet arnotts milk coffee biscuits ➳600ml thickened cream/whipping cream ➳small thickened cream (for ganache) ➳vanilla essence ➳Paul’s vanilla custard (small carton) ➳nestle caramel top ‘N’ fill ➳milk chocolate block or melts ➳granulated nuts ➳crunchie chocolate bars Method; •|Cream filling|• 1.) pour 600ml Into a bowl and mix on high till… Continue reading Gaytime cups