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Gaytime cups

🍨Gaytime Cups🍨 Ingredients; ➳ 1 packet arnotts milk coffee biscuits ➳600ml thickened cream/whipping cream ➳small thickened cream (for ganache) ➳vanilla essence ➳Paul’s vanilla custard (small carton) ➳nestle caramel top ‘N’ fill ➳milk chocolate block or melts ➳granulated nuts ➳crunchie chocolate bars Method; •|Cream filling|• 1.) pour 600ml Into a bowl and mix on high till… Continue reading Gaytime cups


Chicken parmigiana ‘My way’

Ingredients; 🍴1Kg chicken breast fillets 🍴1 eggplant (thinly sliced) 🍴1 Large onion (finely diced) 🍴3 garlic crushed 🍴1 cup breadcrumbs 🍴2 eggs 🍴salt & pepper 🍴1Tbsp dried basil 🍴1Tbsp dried rosemary 🍴1Tbsp dried thyme 🍴1Tbsp dried oregano 🍴1Tbsp Italian herbs 🍴1 dolmio jar of spicy peppers ( only using 1/4 of the jar) 🍴1 jar… Continue reading Chicken parmigiana ‘My way’