Our Top 3 Picnic Locations!

The word ‘Picnic’ describes Spring & Summer perfectly! Its one of our favourite family activities to do on our Sunday Adventures. I really enjoy searching for beautiful places to visit each and every week, somewhere the kids will enjoy and a place that makes the perfect location to set up a picnic.

A question I get asked on a daily is ”What do you pack for a picnic & where are your recommended locations..?” I will be sharing our Top 5 locations for this summer.

So, I decided to write up a blog making it super easy to go back on aswell as easy on me to answer any repetitive questions I tend to get asked. The aim for this post is to make it easier for families to get organised this summer to enjoy a family picnic.

Looking to enjoy this summer adventuring some of our favourite picnic spots then keep reading…

The first thing you want to think about when planning a Sunday out is the Location! Its always best to think about where you would like to go at least the day before you plan too. Reason being, you would like to then decide on what food you’ll like to bring along with you.

Some of our favourite locations to enjoy a family picnic are Below;

  1. Canoelands Orchard

2. Fagan Park

Fagan Park has become one of our favourite parks we have visited. Not only was the scenery absolutely beautiful but the size of the park is massive- so there’s literally a place for a tone of families to set up their picnics and enjoy an afternoon of fun and relaxation with the family.

3. Aquatopia

If the weather is going to a hot day, then spending near water is ideal. Aquatopia is a water park located in Fairfield. With a whole heap of water equipment the kids get to enjoy a day full of water play fun. There are lovely Cabana seating areas which are perfect to keep out of the sun, with tables and chairs that will make picnicking a breeze.

These are only 3 of our favorite current locations to visit but we honestly have so many we love!

I hope these places are just as enjoyable for you and your families as they are to my family.

You now know some of my favourite locations, want to know what some of our favorite food to pack with us?! Head over to ‘What food to pack for a picnic’…

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