How to control soil gnats! 

Greetings fellow gardeners, if you have stumbled upon this post then you must be experiencing a garden nemesis! 

As much as gardening has it’s rewarding vibes it sure does have those annoying little pests that try and ruin it all for you. 

Soil gnats (known as fungus gnats) have been the worst to deal with, they’re really common with indoor plants & outdoor plants that have a lot of soil moisture. 

We have a delightful garden which is basically sectioned off with a partshade & full sun section. Unfortunately, our little ‘cottage flower’ garden bed has become infested with these annoying little pests due to its location- the shaded section. Therefore, the soil is always moist and doesn’t really dry out, hence inviting these little buggers for a party of their own! 

Soil gnats look like tiny little flies, some mistake them for fruit flies, soil gnats are attracted to the actual moisture of the soil, and are distracted once you water or disturb the plants. whereas, fruit flies are attracted to the actual fruit or vegg itself and lurk around them them once ripening. 

Soil gnats aren’t harmful to your plants but they will drive you absolutely CRAZY! 

Speaking of crazy, this ‘crazy’ garden lady had enough of them so was set onto a mission for a organic & natural way to get rid of them before doing something about the larvae (the eggs they lay on the top layer of soil) thankfully, I found awesome ‘Sticky Traps’ that literally, within 30seconds of putting these traps were full of them! As nasty as it sounds but it was totally satisfying- (I’m not mean, I’ve just had enough lol) 

This photo was literally 5 minutes after putting the trap, its double sided so it looked the exact same maybe even more on the other side. Awesome right?!

These traps can work on any pest that flies and isn’t wanted, I will definitely update a photo of how full it is at 24hrs! 

Here is where you can buy these awesome traps Sticky traps

 Don’t let these pests take over, take control of your garden and who you would like to be apart of it! 

I haven’t tackled the Larvae but I sure will update you all with how it goes. 
Till next time gardeners…

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