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My life as a blogger with 3 children! 

It’s been a while since I’ve delved further into my life then just cooking. I’ve been asked ALOT about how I manage to do what I do with now 3 children. 

So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to just that.

Becoming a mother didn’t come with an instruction manual nor a booklet of some sort explaining ‘how to be the perfect mother’! Even if that booklet were to exist I reassure you it’s all lies. Nobody and I literally mean NOBODY is perfect! BUT, we surely can try our very best to be the best we can be for our children. 

A wise lady once said, “it’s easy to ‘make’ the baby, but it’s hard work raising them”… this lady’s words sunk into my head and I continuasly think about them. It’s exactly true- the process is ‘easy’ but once the child is with you, you’re world literally spins. Your priorities change and your time is no longer only committed to yourself! 

Now, it’s been 8 months since our darling son entered our lives. They’ve been the most amazing 8 months with our 3 blessings- filled with lots of love, tears, struggles & lots of sleep deprivation lol!! 

The question I always get asked is how do you manage to be the ‘mummy, wifey & blogger’ all at the same time? 

My answer is always ‘ROUTINES’- I live by them, I swear by them and I LOVE them!!

As soon as my son was born I automatically wanted to correct the mistakes I did with my daughters, learn from them and not to repeat them with my son. I wanted to do this as early as I could to not have to transition him when he was older. 

My daughters have a strict bedtime at 8pm- they wash up, say their good nights and off to bed they go- following either their father or myself tucking them in. If it were a ‘story book’ kind of night & they have library books my husband will spend   Some time reading to them-on these nights they get into bed at 7:45pm. Once my daughters are tucked into bed, I immediately head to the nursery change my son, put his jammies on as well as pamper him- followed by a feeding and straight into his cot. ( this started at 6 months-prior he will be put to sleep in his bassinet in our bedroom)

Once kids are asleep, I try to tidy up and enjoy ‘Me’ time- let’s admit us mother work so hard we deserve this time to help relax and unwind.

 If I have any blogging, DIY projects lined up I like to get them done in this time while sipping on tea and catching up on some of my favorite shows. I always wait for my sons first feed before I head to bed usually between 11:30-12:30 if he has had a pretty exhausting day and didn’t sleep well he tends to skip this feed and I try and sleep a little earlier to get my rest. 

Our mornings are pretty hectic. With preparing breakfast & school lunches (usually made the night before) dressing the girls and the baby as well as myself. I like to ensure I have given little bubs his breakfast & feed before we head through the door so I don’t need to stress for the next few hours. 

I like to delegate my days to certain errands. It’s a lot harder to get things done nowadays with a baby…so I try and manage my time and days as efficiently as possible. 

I truly believe happiness is ‘homemade’- we start & finish our days at home. So I strongly believe in creating a ‘house’ a ‘home’, a place where the kids feel safe, a place where our family can create sentimental memories together. 

Life isn’t about having the most lavish of things, nor is it about holidaying all the time! These things are nice and are a bonus in life. What truly matters and truly is the definition of ‘Happiness’ is family! It’s the finer things in life and guess what they’re FREE!! 

Life is too short to dedicate your whole self to things that will only benefit us for a short time yet family are our forever, they’re our priorities and Gods gift.

Dedicating my days to my husband and 3 beautiful children is what I live for- Gods blessed me with these gifts how can I not take pride in making them happy?! 

So I guess that’s what makes ‘what I do’ a lot easier because it’s simply what I love to do for my family. 

What truly makes me happy is the amazing positive feedback I continuasly receive saying I’ve inspired others in their homes, families & lives. Hearing that girls whom have newly gotten married rely on my blog to help them.

It truly humbles me that what I’ve set my mind to achieve has been achieved and I only thank everyone who have supported my journey from the very beginning- I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I only hope that I can continue inspiring…

Until next time…

Lots of love 

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