Eid is an Islamic celebration which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. A religious holiday which Muslims around the world celebrate every year.

Traditionally, Every family tends to celebrate Eid in their own way…whether it be gifts, the food or the clothes you wear, everybody celebrates differently.

Islamically, Eid is the only day where a Muslim is not permitted to fast. Usually on the first day families or majority of the Men visit the mosque for their morning prayers. Followed by breakfast and visits to relatives while exchanging gifts,sweets etc.

This Eid was our first official Eid as a family of 5. With our precious little Baby ℳ and our beautiful daughters.

Unfortunately, Eid fell on a weekday which meant my husband had to work. My husband and I didn’t want to allow this to affect the kids excitement towards Eid. So we prepared a fun and eventful morning on Eid day before he went to work. I’m so so happy we did just that! The priceless face reactions and the excitement in their eyes felt absolutely rewarding & put a big smile on our faces.

Following is just how we celebrated our first day of Eid 2016;

We decorated our fireplace with a gorgeous array of white & green florals, along with gold inflatable balloons hung on a crochet bunting (which we pinched from Baby ℳ nursery).

We wanted to do something different with the usual balloons we decorate with every year.

We decided to use one of our plastic drop sheets tape it over the door and fill it up with balloons. So basically it was going to be a little game of “whoever opens the door first” gets showered with balloons that are imprinted with “Eid Mubarak”.

In this case it was my younger daughter who awoke early in the morning for her usual bathroom break. All we heard was “muuuuuumm there’s balloons everywhere…” Lol she must’ve thought she was dreaming…

We also prepared a “Eid treasure hunt” while the kids were sleeping the night before Eid. We wanted to do something a little more exciting with their gifts rather than just typically give them to them or just place them under the Eid decorations like we always did. So we hid their “named” gifts all over the house and wrote up little clues to help them find them. They absolutely LOVED this and both my husband and I were super excited too.

We also baked some custom “Eid Mubarak” shortbread cookies so the kids can give out to their cousins & friends. They were delicious and a huge hit amongst the kiddies.

Normally, we will attend the annual “Eid show” but we decided to give it a pass this year due to the terrible weather… And with a newborn it wasn’t such a good idea. So we took the kiddies to “Toys ‘R’us” to choose a toy they really would like and buy it with their “Eid pocket money”.

🎀Ma’amoul – An essential Dessert during Eid!! I remember growing up always helping mum make our own Ma’amoul for Eid. The late nights preparing these delicious pastries & hand wrapping each and every one. It’s this that made Eid feel that tad more special & exciting.

Every Eid I always say I want to make my own but then Time sides against me. This Eid was just like those that have past…but this time a Newborn is involved. Time + Newborn= non-existent 🤗
I wouldn’t have it any other way though, even if you gave me a week with no baby- I wouldn’t know how to function without my little Baby ℳ.
However, I must admit these store bought Ma’Amoul are certainly delicious & YUM!!
Hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Eid 💜

Much love;


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