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Chocolate & coconut ripple cake!

The infamous Ripple cake recipe which can be found at the back of a Arnotts ripple biscuit packet😂

With ofcourse a few of my own additions!


– x2 packets chocolate ripple biscuit packets

– x1 600ml thickened cream

– caster sugar

-vanilla essence

– dessicated coconut

-mixed berries (optional)

-cocoa powder or shaved chocolate


Step 1:

In a bowl add cream,vanilla,sugar… Using a mixer mix till thickened. 

Step 2:

On your serving dish place a layer of cream on the bottom and start assembling the biscuits in The desired shape you like. On the packet it recommended shaping into a Log shape however I have shaped into a “bundt” cake- yes! The movie my big fat Greek wedding kept playing in my mind while making this lol. 

On a biscuit spread cream and press it up against the next biscuit. Keep repeating this step till the size of your cake you prefer is achieved. 

Step 3:

With the remaining cream start covering the biscuits with a layer of cream. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Refrigerate for a min of 4-6hours

Step 4:

Garnish with the cocoa powder, coconut & berries. I had a little more cream left over and as usual the “non-wasteage” person that I am I had to use it. So I made mini versions into individual dessert cups. 


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