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A custard Mess!

Do you ever have one of those days where You feel like just getting creative in the kitchen…?

Well that day for me was today! I was desperately in need of some dessert yet didn’t want to leave the house close to school pick up time with a newborn.

So I started investigating my baking pantry & fridge and collected ingredients I already had and started to create something yummy- (well I hoped it was yummy, I didn’t intend to share this recipe if the outcome was otherwise LOL!!)

Voila, there it was a deliciously looking dessert which I came to name “A custard Mess”.

Keep reading to find out how this “Mess” came about…


-Arnotts milk coffee biscuits


-strawberries(or any fruit you prefer)

-merangue (crushed)

-can mixed berries in syrup

1.) crush the milk biscuits to create more of a crumb consistency. 

2.) layer the bottom of your dessert cup with the crushed biscuit followed by a layer of sliced strawberries.

3.) pour a little custard- amount depends on your own preference & liking. 

4.) ontop of the custard spoon some mixed berries from the can WITHOUT the syrup.

5.)sprinkle crushed meringue on top followed by another layer of custard.

6.)spoon a little syrup over the custard top with a strawberry. Viola!

Delicious of you ask me! Simple, easy and Devine!! 

NOTE: there’s no specific order in creating the layers to the dessert. It’s specifically called “A custard mess” for a reason lol. 

Enjoy 🍧


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