Garlic & cucumber yoghurt 

If you have read our previous recipe for Mansaf with chilli salsa- then you’ll most likely would’ve realised the dish is FULL of spice and flavour.  So maybe the kids might a little “fussy” about the heat. 

So I made a delicious garlic and cucumber yoghurt sauce to balance out the heat from the spices in the Mansaf. 


What you will need:

-Greek yoghurt


-cucumber diced

-dried mint leaves

-2small garlic cloves crushed

Step 1:

In a bowl add the yoghurt, garlic & cucumber. Also add a little water and mix through to thin out the yoghurt, ensuring its not too watery- add more yoghurt if it does become too watery. 

Step 2:

Add 1.5 tsp of dried mint and mix through.

Step 3:

All done! And super easy.

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