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Chilli salsa (perfect with Mansaf)

A delicious sauce to go perfectly with our Mansaf- check out the recipe here Mansaf.


What you’ll need:

-1 onion finely diced

-1 garlic clove crushed

-1 tsp curry powder (mild)

– salt

– 2tsp chilli flakes

– 2Tbsp tomato paste 

-1 can diced tomato 

-1tsp Arab 7 spice

Step 1:

Heat a little oil in a pot, add the onion and garlic- sautè till fragrant.

Step 2:

Add can of tomatoes and stir.

Step 3:

One thing mum ALWAYS taught me was to NEVER waste any bit of food. When using an ingredient or sauce from a jar or can, to always put a little water ensuring all the sauce is mixed through the water- then add to the dish. 
Step 4:

Add all spices & herbs along with the tomato paste- stir well!

Allow to simmer till slowly boiling. 


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