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   🍴Amira’s Cannelloni 🍴
• 1kg mince meat

•handful spinach(chopped)

•handful mushrooms (chopped finely)

•cannelloni tubes

•1jar passata

• 1 jar ‘five brothers’ sundried tomato & basil

• freshly chopped parsley

•dried herbs 

•shredded cheese 

1.) in a skillet heat a little oil and add your mince meat and break apart ensure there’s no big chunks… Add your spinach & mushrooms. And cook well.
2.) season with salt & pepper and some dried herbs.
3.) once your meat mix has cooked set aside. In the same skillet pour your sauce jars.
4.) season with dried herbs and your parsley. Allow to simmer for a few minutes.
5.) in the meantime, fill your cannelloni tubes with the meat mix.
6.) in an oven proof dish pour a thin layer of the sauce mix on the bottom and layer with the cannelloni tubes ontop followed by more sauce and sprinkle cheese.. Repeat this step till you’ve used up all your tubes. Sprinkles with cheese.
7.) place in the oven till cooked and garnish with fresh herbs.👌
Enjoy 💞

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