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DIY baby play gym

While I was pregnant with my son- I was a complete mad woman- searching high and low for everything for him to be UNIQUE and different. Well he is my first boy amongst 2 girls, so I definitely didn’t want anything to be ‘typical’ or ‘boring’ when it came to him. 

From his Turkish kilim rug in his nursery to the play gym he was to play with the first few months I wanted to be unique & fresh. 

(A nursery tour will be up soon aswell)

As I have experienced with my daughters the first few months of life ANYTHING can fascinate a baby. The world is such a huge place for them and their curiosity is endless! 

I remember when I was approximately 8 months pregnant and telling my husband I want to make little •|Baby M|• his own little play gym and showed him the few photos I had found on Pinterest which inspired my decision. 

He loved the idea- so we right away made the actual structure of the play gym- but took a while to piece together the cute little toys I wanted to add- which I also made my self. 

Following is just how we achieved the finished product!

What you will need:

-4 Pieces of pine (thickness of your choice)

-Dowel rod (we used a 19mm sized rod)


-pencil for measurement marking 


-measuring tape


-sand paper

-metre cutter

Step 1: 

First cut the pieces of pine. We cut the pieces at 65cm in height.

Step 2:

Mark where you would like to make the holes for the dowel to sit in place. We measured at 10cm from the top of the pine. 

Once the first piece has been done use this as a template to mark the rest of the pine pieces. To ensure perfect measurements.


Also this extra step is optional depending on the ground surface you will be placing the play gym. The bottom of the pine can be cut at a 45degree angle using a metre cutter.This ensures that no matter the surface the play gym is secure and stable.

Step 3:

Once all holes have been made. Use the sandpaper to sand down all edges. 

For the holes we didn’t have a chisel or filer on hand so my brilliant husband came up with the idea of rolling a sandpaper sheet and placing it into the hole and sanding as we go. 

Step 4:

With the drill make a hole on each pine piece approx 18cm from the BOTTOM part of the pine. Tie a knot on the ends of the rope to prevent them from coming out of place.

Step 5:

Assemble the play gym placing the dowel & Place the toys you have chosen. 

We have chosen toys which I’ve made from organic wood that will be great later on used as teething  toys. 

Would you believe it took a 2 whole months waiting period for our DIY wood bead kit 😳 but the end results are well worth the wait. Once little bubs gets old enough to start reaching out and grabbing toys we will be replacing them with the typical colourful hanging toys that can be purchased from toy or baby shops. If you prefer to go ahead with this approach from the get go then that’s up to you. It’s your DIY project get creative! 

Our little bubs absolutely LOVED it with his first time playing with it- we recorded the moment and his screams and yells were too adorable. 

What’s so good about this design is the storage side of things can easily be closed flat and packed away. 

Have fun creating a beautiful piece for your little one- the love put into DIY pieces are worthwhile. 

Much love;


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