Do you ever feel like satisfying your sweet tooth but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen baking…?

Well I have an incredibly DELICIOUS dessert that’s simply is done in less than 30mins. 

Keep reading to find out how! 


-2 cans Nestlè condensed milk

-dessicated coconut

-milk chocolate (melts or block)

Step 1:

Mix the coconut and condensed milk together into a bowl. If the mix is too wet add more coconut. 

Step 2:

Roll into balls or any desired shape you prefer. Lay onto a baking dish lined with baking paper. 

Place into the oven on approx 150degress for 6-8mins or until a hint of colour is given. 

Step 3:

Remove the coconut balls once done and allow to cool. 

In the meantime melt your chocolate. 

Step 4:

Once coconut bites have been cooked and chocolate is melted drizzle the melted chocolate all over. 

Step 5:

I N D U L G E!!!!!!😍😍

Super quick and easy and the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth craving!


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