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DIY splash back

Do you have a splashback, bathroom tiles, a dull laundry that you would LOVE to change up but are either renting your home, or simply don’t want the hefty price tag that comes along with it..?

Keep reading to find out how you can ‘Spruce’ up your most disliked areas in your home at a very little cost. 

In my kitchen I have those green frosted looking splashback a which I absolutely HATE! 

So I’ve been doing my research for quite some time on just how I can change it us without damaging the existing glass & also wanted to do something that’s temporary or easily changed. 

I didn’t want to completely change my splashback just invade we decided to move in the future or simply me wanting to change yet AGAIN!?

Knowing me I’m constantly redecorating, so Doing something that could easily be changed was a MUST!

With my endless research and consultations with kitchen experts. Nothing really did phase me. 

Then suddenly I remember telling my husband how much I love wallpaper and if there was something similar but can be easily cleaned or more so, suitable for our kitchen.

I then stumbled upon the most amazing invention ever!

They’re called Moroccan Vinyl Tiles. 

Vinyl giving the illusion of real actual tiles! I couldn’t believe that such a thing even existed. I ordered a sample to try and convince myself that this can actually work. 

Once receiving my sample I was amazed and didn’t hesitate to order to complete my project of ‘sprucing’ up my kitchen splashback. 

This is how they look upon receiving them. So pretty right! 😍

They come

In a few sizes I purchased the medium size which each square measures 15x15cm. There’s both bigger and smaller, it’s best to measure your space before purchasing. 

When going ahead to apply the vinyl tiles, it’s important you clean the surface with a all purpose cleaner…waiting till it’s completely dry- then commencing with your installation. 

(My homemade multipurpose cleaner)

Set your squares in order with how you would like to lay out the patterns in which order you like. 

Progress looks so good so far. Patience and being careful will give the perfect results! 

One of these tiles looks like 4 smaller tiles which are connected. 

There’s always going to be the extra small  spaces that need covering. You can cut up the tile into 4 smaller tiles or 2 tiles that are attached. 

I’m absolutely INLOVE with the finished results. And totally obsessing over our Moroccan inspired kitchen. 
Hope this helps you with your next decorating project. 

These tiles are so versatile and can be used to cover hideous bathroom tiles. Laundry or even purchase vinyl tiles which are recommended for flooring. 

The sky is the limit and it’s up to you to see how far you can reach! 

Enjoy 🌾

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