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Chilli, lemon & coriander fish fillets 

Baked Fish will have to be one of my most favourite dishes to cook. Not everyone is a fish or seafood fan however, my main priority was to NOT encourage my kids to dislike fish or any seafood for that matter. 

So I make it a MUST to cook with all sorts of seafood atleast once every fortnight. 

Keep reading to find out how I marinate my fish…

-Fish fillets of your choice(I used basa fillets)


-3garlic cloves minced

-2 chillies(measurements can be altered according to your liking)

-fresh lemon juice (3lemons)

-olive oil

-coriander washed & chopped

-salt & pepper


You can use any vegetables you like.

-red & yellow capsicum

-Spanish onion


-lemon slices

-truss tomatoes

Step 1:

In a mortal and pestle crush the garlic with a little salt, add chilli and coriander and keep crushing till coriander leaves look wilted. Add olive oil,lemon juice and mix well. Also add a little water to the lemon juice. 

Pour over fish ensuring they’re covered worth the marinade mix.

Step 2:

Prep your veggies and place into the baking dish.

Step 3:

Place into the fridge for approx 1hr to allow the flavours to infuse.

If you’re running low on time you can skip this and place right into the oven.

Place ‘covered’ into preheated oven of 180degrees for approx 45-1hr until fish and veggies are cooked through.
Step 4:


Delicious meal, we made this with a side of couscous salad- recipe can also be found on the blog.


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