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Sundried tomato & mushroom Penne

  🔻sundried tomato & mushroom pasta 🔺
🍴 chicken (diced) 
🍴 red capsicum (sliced)
🍴 onion (sliced)
🍴mushrooms (sliced)
🍴sun dried tomatoes
🍴 mustard
🍴garlic (crushed)
🍴 thickened cream
🍴 3tbsp traditional gravy (for thickening)
🍴 penne pasta

1.) cook your pasta as per usual.
2.) in a skillet heat olive oil and place your chicken and cook through, add the garlic, mustard & all veggies and sautee till softened.
3.) add the thickened cream. Season with salt and pepper and allow to simmer for a few minutes.
4.) add the gravy and stir well ensuring there’s so bumps. Once thickened add the cooked pasta and stir through.

Enjoy 💞
Instagram: dusk2illdawn

Facebook: Amira Youssef


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