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How to paint Laminate furniture!

One of the things I absolutely would LOVE to have is a actual fireplace! I don’t know what it is- but it makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. However the closest we were able to get to an ‘actual fireplace’ was a freestanding fireplace heater! 

I know right! Exactly what I’m thinking also- the person who invented these things is a genius! 

So approx 6 years ago we bought a freestanding fireplace heater. It was one of those dark brown laminate ones (refer to photo below). If you have already browsed through our “Living Room” photos you will see that our home consists of wood-LOTS of it! 

So as soon as we bought our fireplace I right away said to my husband I want to PAINT it lol. He instantly thought I was crazy, I’m actually surprised he didn’t admit me into the “DIY rehab”- if there’s such thing that is. 

I did manage to postpone my little DIY project for a few years…up until a few months ago…

I decided to finally work on my little project and I’m kicking myself for not doing so sooner! I’m extremely pleased with the end results and I’ll  love to share with you all just how I achieved this. 

Now because the fireplace is laminate- I knew right away it will be a little tricky to get the paint to stick! So I had to do a little research regarding how this can done.

Continue reading to  find out more….

What you need:

-drop cloth

-sandpaper fine grit

-zinsser bulls eye 1’2’3 undercoat (primer & sealer)-stain blocker

-min wax-polycrylic
Step 1:

Firstly, with your fine grit sandpaper- give your piece a light sanding.

Wipe clean from all the dust particles.

After giving your piece a light sanding- it’s time to use the product zinsser. 

Zinsser is a thick primer-undercoat which help create a layer for the paint to stick! What’s great about this product is both the fact you really don’t need to sand your furniture piece broke to painting if you chose not too, and also prevents the outer top paint layers from staining or “yellowing”- which is extremely common with painted furniture that has been exposed to sunlight! So definitely a product you would want to keep on hand for further projects. 

I applied 2 coats of zinsser and allowed a 1hour drying time inbetween coats. It was fairly got the day I was painting so the drying times were real quick!
Step 3:

After the applied coats of zinsser have dried- apply 2/3 coats of your chosen paint colour. I applied 2 coats and was fairly happy with the coverage. 

Step 4:

Once the final coat has dried, you have the option to sad or distress the edges of you would like to add a little character to your piece. I lightly sanded the edges only- I didn’t want a  too “shabby” look yet a elegant crisp finish! 

In this step I also decided to add a appliqué which I also painted and gave a light sanding too. 

Step 5:

Brush off any excess dust particles. It’s now time to apply 2 coats of polycrylic- this helps create a “seal” to protect against scuffs and scratches. This Ste is optional but highly recommended. 

step 6: 

Stand back and admire your masterpiece! 

Great work!! 

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