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Pumpkin & chick pea soup

The word S O U P just screams winter/Autumn! 

Just imagine a cold winters day all snugged up with Jammies on, knitted chunky throw, fireplace burning and a delicious bowl of pumpkin & chick pea soup….. Ahhh pure bliss!!

There are infinite amounts of different recipes for pumpkin soup, so it was kinda like trial and error for me to experiment with ingredients to make the perfect soup . The recipe I have come up with is absolutely DELICIOUS! And definitely a must try! 

What you will need:

– pumpkin quarter 

-sweet potato 1 small size

– 3 potatoes


-1 leek 

-3 garlic cloves minced

-2 brown onions 

-1 can chick peas rinsed

-dried Parsley

-4 bay leaves

-3 chicken tick cubes dissolved

-1L vegetable stock 

-salt and pepper

Step 1;

In a large pot beat a little oil add the sliced leek & onion and sautè till garlic is fragrant. Then add the rest of the chopped veggies and stir. Ensuring the veggies are infused with the flavouring from the garlic.


Add the stock along worth the chicken stock cubes dissolved in 3 cups water. Then add the bay leaves, dried parsley, chick peas, salt. Allow to come to a boil on low for an hour and a half. 


Once the stock has boiled for a few hours and your happy with the taste. Then place  veggies in a food processor ensuring you have taken out the bay leaves. Make sure you had some of the stock liquid before blending-then make adjustments according to the desired texture you’re after. If you like it thick add less stock. If you’re more after a smooth texture add a little more stock. 

One thing I absolutely recommend is DONT get rid off the left over stock, rather freeze what’s left and make use of it for another day. 


Once blended and you’re happy with the texture season with pepper and taste if you require any further seasoning. 

Serve immediately! I topped the soup with homemade “Parmesan & garlic croutons” & crispy beef rashers. 

Recipe for the croutons can also be found on the blog. 

Dip a large tablespoon into some sour cream or thickened cream and make some swirls.

Enjoy 💞


Facebook: Amira Youssef


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