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Homemade burger patties

Burgers! A type of food that no child NOR adult can resist. 

Pure deliciousness(is that even a word lol)!!

I cheated a little and made 2 days worth of burger patties- with a newborn and business – us working Mummas need to organise our week to best suit our timing schedules- if that means having burgers 2 days in a row for dinner, so be it! But hey! Who’s complaining right? 

Definitely not me! 

Following is my yummy homemade burger patties which I also use to make meatballs for spaghetti- but we’ll delve further into that on another post! 



Serves 6-8

Cooking time 15mins

Prep time 30mins


(Alter measurements according to your liking)


•1.5kg mince meat

•3 eggs

•1 cup breadcrumbs

•Spanish onion finely diced

•3Tbsp dijon mustard

•3Tbsp Ketchup

•parsley finely chopped

•3Tbsp Worcestishire sauce 

•salt & pepper


1.) Literally combine ALL ingredients in a bowl and mix through really well.

Make sure the mix is both not too dry and not to wet. If it does become too dry add another egg, if it becomes too wet just add a little more breadcrumbs.

2.) once you’re satisfied with the texture of your mix, mould into patties and lay on a tray lined with cling plastic wrap.

3.) heat a griddle pan with a little oil and butter and start cooking your patties for approx 2-4mins each side or till nice and golden.

4.) viola! There you have delicious home made burger patties. 

Now what kind of toppings do you prefer? we had some caramelised onion & mushroom, tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese & a selection of sauce; sirachi mayonnaise,mustard and Dill and the typical Ketchup for the kiddies. 

We also had a choice of brioche & original sesame seed buns. YUM!

You will NOT regret these amazing patties, Homemade with love most definitely!!


Facebook: Amira Youssef


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