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Pasta in garlic yoghurt

Have you ever had one of those days where there’s endless errands, the pile of dishes in the sink don’t seem to clean themselves, that basket full of washing needs folding all while a new born is screaming the house down? 

To top of what seems like the worst day ever- you have to manage to cook dinner with only an 10 minutes to spare. 

Well today was one of those days for me- where the time just went by slowly while the mummy errands kept on piling up. 

I managed to cook a yummy mea

Today and is a favourite amongst the kiddies. 

I have a delicious recipe that’s quick & easy yet absolutely yummy at the same time. 

        🍴pasta with garlic Greek yoghurt🍴

Serves 4 

Cooking time 10-12mins

Prep time 8mins


•1 bag pasta (of your choice)

•3 small garlic cloves minced

•1 tub Greek yoghurt (or to your desired texture)


•pine nuts

•almonds halved

•slivered almonds

•chopped parsley (garnish)

•chilli flakes (optional)

NOTE: I also make this recipe with meat for a more ‘filling’ approach. 

•800grams mince meat cooked in a pan with salt & pepper.(see picture below)
1.) cook pasta as directed on the packet. 

2.) in a large bowl crush the garlic along with a little salt. Add the yoghurt and mix together seasoning as you go & taste. 

3.) add little water to thin out the mixture. 

4.) in a small saucepan add a knob of unsalted butter and toast all 3 nuts until golden.
5.) once pasta is cooked, drain & mix through the yoghurt. 

6.) too with toasted nuts, chilli flakes and parsley to garnish. 
Serve while hot- delicious
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