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Lahmeh bi 3ajin 

Have I mentioned just how much I love Lebanese cuisine? 

The delicious meals full of flavour are divine! 

Here I made ‘Lahme bi 3ajin’ also known as a pastry topped with meat. 

With a yummy side of ‘Tabouleh’ .

I also made mini bite size pieces for my daughter school lunch box, they absolutely loved them! 

Give my ‘easy’ & ‘quick’ version of this classic Lebanese dish a try- you will not be disappointed ☺️
🍽 Lahmeh bi 3ajeen 🍽
(Makes 24pieces)

🍴1kg mince meat

🍴3Tbsp tahini

🍴1Tbsp white vinegar

🍴pomegranate molasses (to taste)

🍴Arab 7 spice (bhar)

🍴2 diced onion

🍴 chopped parsley (2 bunches)

🍴 chopped mint (1small bunch)

🍴 pine nuts 

🍴 1 packet puff pastry cut into 4 pieces

1.) heat a little oil in a pan and add your mince meat break apart add your onions, parsley and mint and allow to sauté till onions are translucent. 
2.) season with a little salt and the Arab spice. 
3.) add tahini, splash of vinegar and a generous amount of pomegranate molasses.
4.) keep tasting and tweaking till your happy with the desired tang 👌
5.) line a tray with baking paper place cut up pieces of puff pastry and place some of the mix in the centre spread over but leaving the outer edges empty. 
6.) too with pine nuts and place into a pre-heated oven till pastry is golden.

Note: goes delicious with mint, chopped tomatoes, pickled vegetables and some greek yoghurt…. YUM

Facebook: Amira Youssef


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