Mushroom & spinach risotto 

🍚🍃 mushroom & spinach Risotto🍃🍚

🍴4 Tbsp butter

🍴4 cloves garlic (crushed)

🍴onion (diced)

🍴2cups Arborio Rice

🍴1Litre vegetable stock

🍴 variety of mushrooms (button,portabella, shiitake) choose your desired mushrooms and slice

🍴2-3 cups spinach

🍴1/2 cup grated Parmesan

🍴 lemon wedges for serving

1.) Heat some of the butter in a skillet and sauté your onion & part of your garlic until fragrant.
2.) Add the rice and stir, coating with the butter, onion & garlic. Do this for approx 2-3mins.
3.) Add 1 cup of stock and stir the rice gently. Once the stock has evaporated add another cup of stock… Keep repeating this step for April 15-20mins until the rice is soft and has a silky, creamy texture.
4.) in a seperate skillet heat remaining butter and add remaining garlic along with the sliced mushrooms. Stir until mushrooms are cooked through. Take off the heat add your spinach and mix until slightly wilted.
5.)once risotto has cooked through take off the heat. You can either mix through the spinach and mushroom (however I just spread over the top).
6.) grate Parmesan over the top and serve immediately.
7.) squeeze a little lemon and enjoy with some crusty baguette.

Facebook: Amira Youssef

Instagram: @dusk2illdawn


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