🍨Gaytime Cups🍨

➳ 1 packet arnotts milk coffee biscuits
➳600ml thickened cream/whipping cream

➳small thickened cream (for ganache)

➳vanilla essence

➳Paul’s vanilla custard (small carton)

➳nestle caramel top ‘N’ fill

➳milk chocolate block or melts

➳granulated nuts

➳crunchie chocolate bars

•|Cream filling|•

1.) pour 600ml Into a bowl and mix on high till thickened.

2.) add a few drops of vanilla essence to the cream.

3.) slowly add some custard (a few dollops) then mix.

4.) OPTIONAL: I also add some icing sugar once mixing the cream just to add a more sweeter taste.


(This is preferred you make once cups have been assembled)

1.) in a microwaveable bowl place chocolate melts.

2.) add 1/4 of the small thickened cream.

3.) place in the microwave for 1 min. Stir the ganache until it has a thick, smooth consistency.
•| Preparing other ingredients|•

1.) crush milk biscuits in a bowl-set aside

2.) crush crunchie biscuits-set aside

3.) pour caramel into a bowl and stir ensuring its a smooth consistency.

4.) set your prepared ingredients in a line as a ‘assembling station’.

•| Assembling cups |•
1.) first layer of crushed biscuit.

2.) second layer cream

3.) layer of biscuit

4.) caramel

5.) crushed crunchie

6.) biscuit

7.) cream


9.) ganache

10.) crunchie

11.) granulated peanuts
Note: once all cups are assembled upto layer 8 then prepare your ganache and follow the remaining Assembling steps.

Place in the fridge overnight or leave for a few hours to set.

NOTE: you can also make this as a “Gaytime Slice” if you decide to do so then dip your biscuits in milk prior to layering.

Facebook: Amira Youssef



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