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DIY scented pouches 

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Shredded soap anyone? 🙊
Something I’ve been doing for many many years! I absolutely LOVE when opening a drawer or closet and having a beautiful fresh fragrance lingering. I’ve come up with a way to keep clothes, linen,shoes etc smelling amazing for a long time at a very small cost. I call them ‘soap pouches’, amazing smelling little bags of goodness! Following is what you will need to make them…
What you need;

•soap (scent/brand of your choice)


•organza bags (found at hot dollar stores in the craft section)

What I do is I purchase my favourite soap smell (Lux) and shred the soap coarsely using a ‘cheese grater’ or better yet food processor. I then fill up ‘organza satchels’ (which can be found at dollar stores) with the shredded soap and scatter them around in clothes drawers, linen cabinets, wardrobes inbetween clothes on hangers, towels etc.. Such a great easy & inexpensive Diy to add some freshness to your home.

Displayed is little Baby •|ℳ|• knitted draw filled with beautiful lush pieces. Whenever this drawer is opened a gorgeous aroma lingers 😍 also a great organic way to keep the baby nursery smelling clean & fresh. We all know how the smell of dirty diapers can get 🙊 I can’t fathom how such a foul smell can come from such a small person 🙈
Hope this helps xx
UPDATED: a video tutorial on how to make these can be found on our YouTube channel “Amira’s Lifestyle Guide” (click here DIY soap pouches tutorial )

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